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22nd March 2018
Problems with the FSA

Councils inpspect food premises and then upload the results to the Food Standards Agency for publication.

Sometimes councils make mistakes. That's always going to happen when you have 390 councils using different software with different policies and abilities.

So it should be blindingly obvious that the FSA should vet the data that councils provide before processing it.

They don't, and so far in 2018 I've picked up 4 errors that nobody else has spotted.

Today I picked up a new file from Sunderland. Yesterday there were 2071 food ratings in Sunderland. Today there is only 1.

Clearly this is a mistake and yet the FSA has just removed every other record from Sunderland.

2nd January 2018
Happy new year

I've updated the map page so it defaults to showing the last post I've made on facebook for each council.

4th November 2017
New Forums

I've just made the OmgOmg forums live on this site.

I couldn't find any forum software i liked so I've written my own. Its very simple and is going to let me integrate with other OmgOmg features coming in the future.

24th October 2017
Web site re-design

Hope you like the new layout of the web site.

In particular the site now works really well with mobile devices as well as PCs.

Don't bother trying to use it with Internet explorer, hardly anyone does these days and it was holding back the site so I've dropped support.

11th Sep 2017
How long does a council take to upload a rating?

The food standards agency ask that ratings are uploaded at least once a month. It's a shame that many councils have taken this as a policy's rather than a minimum guideline.

In theory, the top rating of 5 (or pass in Scotland) can be uploaded and thus shared to the public within 24 hours.

Lower ratings (Or improvement required in Scotland) should not be published until the business has a chance to appeal the rating. This varies between councils but should be no longer than 28 days.

Where councils are taking longer than I think is reasonable I'm now publishing the delay to hopefully shame councils into action.

23rd May 2017
Ransomeware stops food hygiene updates

I've noticed that a large number of councils have not uploaded food hygiene results in the last week.

I'm pretty sure this is a result of the WannaCry raonsomware attack that affected the NHS IT systems last week.

I'm only aware of North Dorset being directly hit by this attack but I'm assuming IT departments will be locking down systems until they are sure that all software is up to date with the latest patches.

Rest assured OmgOMg is not affected.

29th Mar 2017
Naming your pub #2

I come across some strange names that make me laugh but not sure what to think about the Kicking Donkey Inn.

7th Mar 2017
Fancy your takeaway menu on line

If you own a takeaway and you have five stars then send me your menu and I'll put it on line for you.

Check out Ruby House in Dorchester as an example.

20th Feb 2017
Where is it?

If you use the "Show ratings close to your current location" on the home page you should now get to see a pointer to where the rating is in relation to yourself.

If you get close to an address or your GPS drops out then the pointer will vanish.

I'm not 100% how this will work on every phone out there but in theory it works with Chrome on Android and Safari on IOS which should be about 90% of mobile devices using OmgOmg. Best of all you don't need to be using your data connection for this to work.

If you happen to walk around when you have results displayed then your screen will also update to reflect what is close to you.

As this feature requires a compass then I'm afraid its not going to work on computers but it will on some tablets.

12th Feb 2017
Naming your pub

I often laugh at the names people pick for their business. Today I spotted a pub called "Nobody Inn".

Just searched for it again to check it out and it turns out there are two of these in the UK plus a Leeds restaurant called "Mr Nobdy."

Glad to say they all have 5 star ratings. Nobody's perfect as they say.

3rd Feb 2017
A pictures worth a thousand words

If I can find a picture for a business then I'm now including it on the web site.

This is an automatic process and its not foolproof. The most amusing I've seen so far was a picture of a fire extinguisher instead of a takeaway.

On the whole though it seems to be accurate enough for me to include. Let me know if you disagree.

24th Jan 2017
Blog entry No1

The main page of the web site now works off line. On the home page of the site if you search for ratings near to your location OmgOmg will also download ratings close by.

If your phone/browser supports this feature you will see a map display at the top of the home page highlighting the area that is now available for offline use.

You can then use the close by or search function on the home page while off line at any time.