Cockups and Mistakes

We all make mistakes. Rather then bury them under the carpet I thought I'd put them here. Yes, even mine!

31st March, 2021
Warwick Council

I noticed the council uploaded a massive 258 ratings in one go overnight. Looking at it in more detail I noticed that they were claiming to have inspected 38 businesses on one day!

The council quickly responded that this was an IT error.

Another example where the FSA can not be bothered to sanity check council data before they publish it.

4th Feb, 2021
Eastbourne Council

Not so much a mistake, but possible fraud on the part of the council. Eastbourne council claim to have inspected 80 premises over the course of 2 days.

I've raised the issue with the council and the FSA, as yet no outcome.

The FSA should pick this sort of thing up really, but they can't be bothered.

4th Feb, 2021
Fareham Council

The council uploaded all of their ratings with a different reference number. This is not the first time Fareham have screwed up.

The FSA should really pick up mistakes like this before sharing the data with the rest of the world. I raised this issue 3 years ago with FSA Director responsible for IT, Julie Pierce. She refuses to do anything to prevent this from happening. © 2021