Yang Sing

Yang Sing
3 Manse Road
West Lothian
EH47 0DH

Business Type :
Takeaway / Sandwich Shop
Inspection Date :
26 Nov 2018

The council took 44 days to publish this.
Inspected by :
West Lothian

Previous Ratings

08 May 2018
17 Apr 2018
31 Oct 2017
11 Oct 2016
13 Jun 2016
14 Apr 2016
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One OmgOmg user rated this as 1.0
How do you rate Yang Sing?
Yvonne Stobart (10 months ago)
Not been the same since Jacky and Anne left
West Lothian News, Weather & Travel Updates (11 months ago)
25.1.19 ordered from here and the food was delivered fast and the food was awesome! xx
Jordan Herriot (11 months ago)
Not surprised, place uses dirty frozen chicken from Brazil. Has done for years
Yvonne Gardner (11 months ago)
The quality of food has vastly improved so disappointed by this. Hopefully they can get back on track!
Marrianna Nelson (11 months ago)
Not surprised at all 🤮🤮
Julie Lola Townsend (11 months ago)
Yep dodgy children fried rice new year. Never been or going back
Geraldine Kennedy (11 months ago)
Really not surprised not ate in for a while because of how it looks
George Ryan Thom (11 months ago)
Steven Mitchell
Steven Mitchell (11 months ago)
George Ryan Thom again. The place should be shutdown for good
Graham Hammell (11 months ago)
Not surprised
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