Petrol Filling Station
Plumstead Road

Business Type :
Restaurant / Cafe / Canteen
Inspection Date :
22 Jan 2019

The council took 18 days to publish this.
Inspected by :

Previous Ratings

27 Nov 2018
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How do you rate Subway?
Lucy Archer (12 weeks ago)
Stu Johno (12 weeks ago)
Lucy Archer go to place for lunch?!
Lucy Archer (12 weeks ago)
Stu 🤐🤔
Paul Rich (12 weeks ago)
Oksana Krivenko
Emily Eves (12 weeks ago)
Leo Eves
Leo Eves (12 weeks ago)
Didn't even realise there was a subway therexxxx
Emily Eves (12 weeks ago)
We saw it the other day xxxx
Emma Coote (12 weeks ago)
Carl Coote
Stu Johno (12 weeks ago)
Get down to Archers Butchers for a proper baguette 🥖 💯
Rachael Butler (12 weeks ago)
Stu Johno absolutely!
Zoe Canham (12 weeks ago)
Adam Page
Emily Sarah Jones (12 weeks ago)
Sherri Louise Warner
Beth Hales (12 weeks ago)
Olly Baxter
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