New Yang Sing

New Yang Sing
13 Main Street
EH54 8BE

Business Type :
Takeaway / Sandwich Shop
Inspection Date :
12 Jun 2019

The council took 56 days to publish this.
Inspected by :
West Lothian

Previous Ratings

02 May 2019
01 Nov 2017
16 Nov 2016
02 Dec 2015
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How do you rate New Yang Sing?
Greig Drysdale (4 months ago)
Place is shithole now. Rank rotten.
Yang Sing (6 months ago)
The sanitary permit is posted on the wall、yang sing pass
Daniel Mawer (6 months ago)
That is some bullshit because they passed go on to There Facebook Page at Yang Sing and The pass paper is there
West Lothian Food Hygiene (6 months ago)
Actually, as you admitted to me by messenger, this rating was correct but you've been re-inspected since. Well done for getting your house in order but don't pretend this didn't happen.
Daniel Mawer (6 months ago)
West Lothian Food Hygiene We never said it didn’t happen we just said we have passed know
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