Deer Park Country Club

Deer Park Country Club
Golf Course Road
Livingston, West Lothian
EH54 8AB

Business Type :
Restaurant / Cafe / Canteen
Inspection Date :
17 Jul 2019

The council took 21 days to publish this.
Inspected by :
West Lothian

Previous Ratings

28 Jan 2019
20 Sep 2018
14 Aug 2018
13 Mar 2018
15 Mar 2017
31 Mar 2016
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How do you rate Deer Park Country Club?
Kirsty Hill (12 months ago)
Hayleigh Donaldson mind that time at Mother’s Day 🤢
Stephanie Louise Gallagher (12 months ago)
Isobel Strachan
Isobel Strachan (12 months ago)
Stephanie Louise Gallagher Eeeks we were just going over for a wee bite to eat ! Perhaps we will go up to the beefeater 😂
Mark Ferguson (12 months ago)
Brian Reid
Brian Reid (12 months ago)
Mark Ferguson seen this before. They need to be more specific with telling people the problem as it could be a minor thing and its all over social media
West Lothian Food Hygiene (12 months ago)
Brian Reid Totally agree with you, in the rest of the UK you get a lot more information, the Food Standards Scotland really needs to question why it's happy with a second rate system.
Brian Reid (12 months ago)
West Lothian Food Hygiene this kind of thing could ruin a business over nothing. Im a member of Deer Park and eat there alot so would really like more information regarding this
West Lothian Food Hygiene (12 months ago)
Brian Reid Try asking the council direct, they might let you see the inspection report.
Barry Fisher (12 months ago)
Brian Reid When I had my snack van 10 years ago the inspectors told me I must use a particular cleaning product so I bought a ton of the stuff (No other issues, just the wrong cleaning product). The next inspector then told me that product was no good and I had to use a different one (again, no other issues). These inspectors don't have a clue mate. They don't operate to the same standards as each other. As long as there is a black mark somewhere on their report they are happy. I always got the impression they just made up any old nonsense so it looked like they did a thorough investigation to keep their bosses happy and everyone in a job.
Scott Gourlay (12 months ago)
Couldn’t agree more Brian. It’s very easy to obtain the improvement notice and there’s too many grey areas. But people on here see the improvement needed and immediately think the worst. Businesses suffer as a result. The English scoring system would be better
Brian Reid (12 months ago)
Totally Scott. I eat at Deer Park quite alot thru out the season and quite like it. I wont be letting this put me off
Scott Gourlay (12 months ago)
My issues there was always the quality of food, but still happily ate there. I know one place that scored this for being one hand sink short of what the regs say they should have. But folk were all talking of boycotting cos they didn’t know the reason.
Brian Reid (12 months ago)
I have a breakfast or rolls after my round on a sat and sun. Im not saying its the greatest food but im the same. Happily eat there
Scott Gourlay (12 months ago)
totally mate. Was the same when I was there. Does the job
George Ryan Thom (12 months ago)
Gemma Winters
Jennifer Mcmeeking Sutherland (12 months ago)
Is this not the second time within a short period for Deer Park?
Scott Gourlay (12 months ago)
yeah, when you are served with an improvement notice after your annual inspection a return announced visit is scheduled for a period of time after
West Lothian Food Hygiene (12 months ago)
If you click on the link you will see the dates of past inspections and the results.
Jennifer Mcmeeking Sutherland (12 months ago)
West Lothian Food Hygiene I did xx
Lesley McDonald (12 months ago)
Lorna Clelland 😬
Susan Dunn (12 months ago)
Stuart Dunn 😱
Mike Ball (12 months ago)
This is a surprise would have thought Deer Park would achieve a PASS rating
Lynn Robertson (12 months ago)
Alan Jeans 🤣
Lynne Brophy (12 months ago)
Laura Nicoll Grant 🧐 happening everywhere
Laura Nicoll Grant (12 months ago)
Lynne Brophy i will just eat in my home from now on
Ashley Morrison (12 months ago)
Ross Strachan
Laura Purdie (12 months ago)
Stevie Paton
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