Tinto Tapas Bar

Tinto Tapas Bar
105 Main Street
G71 7EW

Business Type :
Restaurant / Cafe / Canteen
Inspection Date :
25 Mar 2019

The council took 72 days to publish this.
Inspected by :
South Lanarkshire

Previous Ratings

29 Sep 2017
30 Sep 2016
22 Sep 2015
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Information from facebook for Tinto Tapas - Uddingston

Price Range : $$
Phone : 01698 801 383

Authentic, Spanish Tapas.
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Amy Irvine (4 weeks ago)
Angela Irvine 😳
Pauline Davies (6 weeks ago)
Jacquie McGaw Lisa Gunn FYI
Julie Connell (6 weeks ago)
Is it an official site as when you scroll down loads of places in Uddingston/ Bothwell show the same?
Pauline Davies (6 weeks ago)
Julie Connell dunno I stumbled upon it as I’ve been chasing PASS certificates for scarecrow festival food outlets.....
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