Hilton Community Centre

Hilton Community Centre
Hilton Road
AB24 4HS

Business Type :
Other catering premises
Inspection Date :
25 Jan 2010
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Review score on facebook : 5 / 5
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Phone : 01224 277025

HCC a place for Education, sports, health, fitness, social gatherings, religious and political meetings.

Hilton community Centre (HCC) is a volunteer run committee that is inclusive and forward thinking in what it promotes and supports such as education, training, employment, health, social and physical activities.

HCC runs and supports various groups to promote inclusion for disadvantaged groups, particularly the vulnerable, young and elderly persons from the community and beyond.

Our services and activities currently cover:
Active Citizenship and Volunteers
Family and Children learning
Advice and Guidance
Fitness Groups
Social Gatherings
Healthy Food initiatives

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