Mommas Pizzas

Mommas Pizzas
63 Market Street

Business Type :
Takeaway / Sandwich Shop
Inspection Date :
03 Feb 2021

The council took 36 days to publish this.
Inspected by :
Telford and Wrekin

The rating for this business is made up of the following: (Rotate for detail)
Area inspected by food safety officerStandards found
Hygienic food handlingHygienic food handling
Hygienic handling of food including preparation, cooking, re-heating, cooling and storage
Improvement necessary
Cleanliness & facilities Cleanliness and condition of facilities and building
Cleanliness and condition of facilities and building (including having appropriate layout, ventilation, hand washing facilities and pest control) to enable good food hygiene
Generally satisfactory
Management of food safetyManagement of food safety
System or checks in place to ensure that food sold or served is safe to eat, evidence that staff know about food safety, and the food safety officer has confidence that standards will be maintained in future
Major improvement necessary

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03 Feb 2021
21 Aug 2019
06 Mar 2019
02 Aug 2018
31 Jan 2018
08 Feb 2016

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Information from facebook for Momma's Pizza

Review score on facebook : 1 / 5
Price Range : $
Phone : 01952 613656

Welcome to Momma’s Pizza & Kebabs whereweoffer you a variety of not only Pizzas and Kebabs but Burgers and Baked Potatoes.
Barry Mosedale (2 months ago)
Chris Banger Goldup 😂🤣🤢🤮
Natasha Haftkowycz (8 months ago)
Filthy shit hole was a sespit over 20 years ago I worked there at 13 cash in hand bunch of filthy paedophiles place is riddled
Richard Charnley (20 months ago)
Not eaten from there in about 17 years as the foods discusting. You can tell somethings not right when they serve you through a window not even big enough to fit a large pizza through it
Leanne Barnett (20 months ago)
Pete Corbett
Dave Stones (20 months ago)
Can't beat a nice bit of fag Ash topping
Barry Mosedale (20 months ago)
Chris QuoMad Goldup
Chris QuoMad Goldup (20 months ago)
Barry Mosedale. Never heard of the place, but my stomach and ass has. 😂😂😂
Barry Mosedale (20 months ago)
Shouldve been shut down years ago yukky
Chris QuoMad Goldup (20 months ago)
Barry Mosedale we should have torched it the day after we had food poisoning. Lol
Barry Mosedale (20 months ago)
Chris QuoMad Goldup oh yes 😂

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