Aldo's Fish Bar

Aldo's Fish Bar
8 East Main Street
West Lothian
EH52 5DA

Business Type :
Takeaway / Sandwich Shop
Inspection Date :
18 Dec 2019

The council took 21 days to publish this.
Inspected by :
West Lothian

Rating History

18 Dec 2019
14 Nov 2019
12 Nov 2018
20 Nov 2017
24 Feb 2017
28 Nov 2016
02 Dec 2015
Scott Maxwell (8 months ago)
See best thing you can do cause he have sign up by law ask him why he got it he cant refuse to say cause you the buying and he got duty for public
Laura Galbraith (8 months ago)
Scott Maxwell (8 months ago)
This is about how clean things are no what need replaced
Grant Nicol (8 months ago)
Scott Maxwell not necessarily
Scott Maxwell (8 months ago)
Grant Nicol a totally get where you coming from it follows along sort same principles but sometimes they could do with bit more explaining these notice cause it can damage a company future
Grant Nicol (8 months ago)
Scott Maxwell That’s my point exactly. I appreciate what this page does in reporting changes, I have been using Scores on the doors for years to check ratings, but automatically assuming somewhere is disgusting due to improvement being required is what will do the businesses the most damage. Using 🤢 emojis gives the completely wrong idea about the changes. Until they know what the improvements required are, then they should keep these emojis to themselves. Like it’s been mentioned here it can be something as simple as a broken tile or a small ventilation can be fixed and a ‘Pass’ given at the next inspection. By all means if it is something sinister with the food or cleanliness then the businesses deserve all they get and would likely be shut down on the spot until the issues were fixed, but if the businesses are still trading and haven’t been closed then I’d suggest it is a minor issue that won’t affect public health in the short term and this page is too quick to judge without ever knowing the facts.
Scott Maxwell (8 months ago)
Grant Nicol aye who what happen it could be minor middle range or bad a wouldn't like to see it giving for bad reason
Madeleine Auchie (8 months ago)
Rachel Auchie 😂
Caroline Archer (8 months ago)
Stef Watson
Heather Provan (8 months ago)
It could be that equipment or something needs replaced but is safe for working with for the foreseeable future.
Cheryl Ramsay (8 months ago)
It’s not always about hygiene, there is lots of things they look at. Xx
Jamie Anderson (8 months ago)
Anthony Paul Jillian Baird
Robert Martin (8 months ago)
Why does it say improvements required but all results say very good
Angela Crolla Carlone (8 months ago)
Robert Martin becaus it could be something silly like a broken tile in kitchen, or risk assessment data not up to date.
Vicky Clarke (8 months ago)
No don't think so if it was something silly they would be told to fix it ,and it would definitely be more than one thing....
Chloe Muldoon (8 months ago)
This does actually happen happened to my friends cafe for a faulty switch that had never been used
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